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To DIY or not to DIY - that is the question

Any home improvement project starts with an idea, but sooner or later you're faced with a question - how hard is it to do whatever it is you want yourself? Or the time, money and effort you put in it just isn't worth it and maybe contacting a professional makes much more sense?

Bath liner

Before now, the only way to upgrade your bathroom was to buy a new bath, or to apply a new layer of enamel (using the restorative coating spray brush or roll).
Nowadays, the fastest and the most effective way of restoring your baths surface is LiquidTubLiners. The technology is coating baths with epoxy resin.

7 ways to keep your refinished tub looking perfect

Refinishing your bathtub can drastically change how its surface looks. Let’s learn how to keep it looking this way.


Your bath is refinished and looking better than ever. You should use recommended products for surface cleaning to maintain its condition, take care of it properly in order for it to look good and for you to enjoy using it for many years to come.

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