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We offer 2 options for bathtub refinishing training:
1. Free online training
2. Training in class for $, click here 

We offer a ready-to-use entrepreneurship model you can follow to start and run a bathtub refinishing business in your area:

Why bathtub refinishing? - Because:

1. Very good hourly rate - $100/hour – easy
 - Average price to refinish a regular bathtub
 - Average time to refinish a bathtub which never been restored before
3-4 hours
Do the math…

2. It is no need for license and mandatory insurance
No license and mandatory insurance are required to run Bathtub refinishing business – not even workers compensation or WSIB (in Canada) if you work alone.
3. Be your own boss and enjoy incredible flexibility
Work full or part time. Schedule your work at the time convenient for you.
4. It is “easy to sell” business and it is not a problem to find customers
Aside from the fact that it is cheaper (up to 90% ) and faster to refinish a bathtub, ceramic tile or countertop than replacing them outright, here is one more thing to keep in mind – people do not want to replace existing tub and follow the rule “If it does not leak - it is better not to touch it”. I have seen many FULLY RENOVATED bathrooms with old tubs left in place. See pictures below.
start bussines   Start your own business   Start your own business
Fully renovated bathroom with old chipped and rusty tub left in place.
5. It is 100 % recession proof
People always want to save money and that becomes a higher priority at recession time.
6. Sky limited market
Bathtub refinishing business has a practically unlimited market – residential, commercial and etc. Also because of zero VOC (Liquid Tub Liner does not smell) you will be able to service places where strong odor is absolutely unacceptable like retirement homes, churches, expensive condominiums.
7. Almost zero start up cost and no need for training and experience
With Liquid Tub Liner the bathtub restoration can be done by anyone - just follow the video or print out the instruction from this web site.
Also there is no need for expensive equipment - ventilation system ($150-$200), HVLP compressor ($500-$1000), spray gun ($200-$300) end etc. - as with traditional (spraying) method to refinish a bathtub

We offer a ready to use entrepreneurship model you can follow to start and run a bathtub refinishing business in your area:
Step 1. Print out flyers from our web site with your contact information on them.
To do so click on the “Your name on the flyer” on the left side menu, fill required fields and save that PDF file on your computer. Then you can order to print the flyers in any printing facilities in your area.
Step 2. Register yourself at our web site.
Click on “Become a member” on the side menu or “Sign Up” in the right top corner of the Home page of the web site. Then fill required fields of the form and click “submit” button. In 24 hours your contact information will appear on the page “ Find a Refinisher”. It will be proof for customers that you/your company uses our product and it also gives indirect advertizing for your business.
Step 3. It is recommended to open Google AdWords account. (OPTIONAL)
Google  AdWords is a powerful advertising tool. Because of low competition in the field of bathtub refinishing service, cost for advertising with Google search engine is relatively low – about $300 per month - it depends from daily budget set in the account.
You pay for advertising to Google – not to us and you can change budget or even pause or cancel advertising company at any time.
Advertising you business by that way will give you many residential and/or commercial clients. It will be a good help at the beginning of you career until you get large property management companies for service.  
You can set an account by yourself or we can set it for you. Price for setting a standard Google AdWords account is $150. You will get a E-mail address and 400-500 keywords advertising company with Google AdWords.
For  Google Adwords account setting please go to Contact Us, type “Google Adword account” and contact phone number in the  “Enquiry” field and press “Continue” button. Our representative will contact you for details.

Step 4. Build a web site for your business. (OPTIONAL, but highly recommended)
You can do it yourself, hire a professional or use our web design service.
If you choose us to build a web site for you it will cost $900.
To order it go to Contact Us, type “Web site design” and contact phone number in the “Enquiry” field and press “Continue” button. Our representative will contact you for details.
Step 5. “Think big” – do not stop just on four steps written above, improve your business so it brings a constant income for you.

CONSTANT income means always being busy and guaranteed to have a clients in the future.

It is the only way to get so many tubs to refinish – to get Property Management Companies and Rental Apartment Complexes for service.

And it is not as difficult as it seems to be at first. Let’s see…

Property Management Companies and Rental Apartment Complexes have hundreds sometimes thousands apartments to maintain. There are always tubs that need to be restored. And of course companies do not want to spend too much money for full bathroom renovation and replacing old tubs. They always prefer to refinish them – it is cheaper and faster.

Average lifetime of a tub refinished by traditional (spraying) method is about 3 years, sometimes less - tenants don’t care too much about things they don’t own. After that period of time the Management Company has to redo those tubs – let’s say, every 2-3 years - and usually the company has bathtub refinishing guys doing this job. It is wasting money but the company has no choice.
You can give them that choice!
Liquid Tub Liner lasts much longer than traditional refinishing coat. And this is the main reason you can use to make management companies prefer you to do the tubs than others using old short-lived method.

Using this reason along with other 4 advantages of Liquid Tub Liner you can get a job easy. Go to “Five reasons to try it” at the Home page of  the web site, print it and take it with you on the meeting with property manager. Use it as a guide during presentation and I am sure your offer will be accepted.
As it was mentioned above Property Management Companies and Rental Apartment Complexes have someone to refinish their tubs. That is why you must be persistent. Do not explain details to the secretary –it never works - in the best case she will pass the information to someone above.

Always talk to the right person who is in charge of the maintenance and renovation, who is in position to make decisions in the company. Try to meet big boss personally, bring “Five reasons to try it” guide and your flyers with you. Do your best to have an opportunity to show a video.
As soon as you’ll get 2-3 property management companies for service it is time to recruit and teach technicians. Easiness of working with Liquid Tub Liner turns bathtub refinishing process into regular handy person’s job with no requirements for experience and qualification. Because of that you can save some money on employee wages too.
According to my experience it is easy to meet 3-5 property management companies a day. And success depends on your desire and how energetic and persuasive you are.
Good Luck…
If you have a questions, do not hesitate to call us at (647) 379-5003 or (224) 616-1766

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