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Bath liner

Bath liner

Before now, the only way to upgrade your bathroom was to buy a new bath, or to apply a new layer of enamel (using the restorative coating spray brush or roll).
Nowadays, the fastest and the most effective way of restoring your baths surface is LiquidTubLiners. The technology is coating baths with epoxy resin. LiquidTubLiners enamel is poured onto the bath's side; it flows down, creating a new layer of enamel. This method is considered to be number one in bath resurfacing for a reason. Despite the fact that restoration takes just a few hours, and the bath is ready for use in just about 24 hours, the new coating is strong and durable, since the material isn't subject to wear. Your bath's new coating can last up to 15 years if you follow simple rules. A huge plus is that the liquid material is odorless. The technology does not require expensive materials and removal of the bathtub, which is exactly what we, by all means, are trying to avoid. This means that this method of updating a bath's surface is the most available today, and can be performed without any assistance, DIY.

It also retains water temperature for a long time compared to other coatings, since it has a low thermal conductivity.

Bath restoration method described above is worth paying attention to, after all it is a unique combination of a low price and excellent quality.