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ArmoGlaze Bathtub refinishing DIY Kit (6.7 lbs)

ArmoGlaze  DIY KIT
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Professional grade DIY bathtub refinishing kit.

Regularly used by many bathtub refinishing companies in the USA and Canada.


Liquid Tub Liners Part A and Part B, Etch for surface etching and deep cleaning, Enamel spreaders

After mixing Part A and Part B, it will be about 1 gallon of ready to use enamel. It is MORE THAN ENOUGH to refinish a standard 60"X30" bathtub.

Full video application instruction

It is very easy to learn how to work with Liquid Tub Liner – just watch the Video BELOW entirely without taking any actions and then follow it step by step from the beginning. Also you can study a written Application Instruction, print it out and take with you to the site where you are going to work.

Printable Instructions


Liquid Tub Liners DIY kit is more expensive than others?

Lets compare our DIY kit with others. Actually it is much cheaper…

At first, a little bit of information for your concern: thickness of the original factory made porcelain coat on a regular bathtub varies from 1/32’’ to 1/16’’.

According to the picture below, the coating thickness of the paint from inexpensive (around $25-$50 ) DIY bathtub refinishing kit is 1mil (1mil=0.001 inch). Amount of mixed paint in one kit is 916 ml or 1kg, roughly.

Coating thickness of Liquid Tub Liners product is about 1/16’’. Amount of Liquid Tub Liners paint in one kit is 7.2 lb.

Now let’s do the math…

1/16 inch equals 63 mils. So, to achieve the coat thickness of 1/16 inch with paint from inexpensive DIY kit you must paint your tub 63 times. As seeing on the above picture one cheap DIY kit contains 916 ml of paint which is enough for 2 coats. To do 63 coats you have to buy 32 kits. 32 kits would cost you $800. No comments…

Also, do not forget about the time consumed to do 63 coats and that terrible smell you are going to have in your home 63 times...

Of course, it is just mathematical calculation. In reality nobody would paint their own tub 63 times, and 63 coats of paint would peel off the tub right away …

This calculation is just to prove that Liquid Tub Liner DIY bathtub refinishing kit is worth the money you pay for it.