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To DIY or not to DIY - that is the question

To DIY or not to DIY - that is the question

Any home improvement project starts with an idea, but sooner or later you're faced with a question - how hard is it to do whatever it is you want yourself? Or the time, money and effort you put in it just isn't worth it and maybe contacting a professional makes much more sense? Depending on the project you have in mind the answer may vary. Most of the time people find a professional, especially if they are too busy, or just haven't ever done anything like that themselves. Most of us feel lost in front of an IKEA shelf we have to put together. We imagine what you must think about bathtub refinishing! Not many people really think they could do it themselves. Our first instinct is to call someone who will do it for us. Preparing the bathtub (or - horror of horrors - dismantling it!), coating the tub with something (or whatever these people you let into your house do), all these brushes and rollers, countless number of materials you have to buy at home depot, which probably means you'll make a mistake or two and buy the wrong thing. Hours, or days even, spent in front of your computer attempting to figure out which product is better - stronger and long lasting, which is better for your type of bathtub and how to apply it. In this case we would contact professionals as well. But there's one exception - liquidtubliners. It is very easy to just buy one thing and watch a youtube video. This is an extremely easy way of applying a new coating, anyone can do it, even if they never attempted any DIY projects. If only IKEA shelves had similar video assembly instructions attached, just as LiquidTubLiners' detailed application instruction video, instead of a bunch of drawings and numbers on a piece of paper, our life would be a whole lot easier.

Liquid enamel application is extremely easy - you just pour it over your baths' or sinks' side. You don't need a lot of masking materials, no spraying (spraying should only be done by professionals, and even then it's not always done perfectly). If any product was ever made for a DIY project in your bath, it's LiquidTubLiners. You can create a perfect surface without fearing you'll miss hard to reach places, end up with an uneven surface, make any mistake. Considering this products' obvious advantages such as no smell and drying time to name a few, the fact that it can easily and quickly be done at home makes LiwuidTubLiner a unique product on a bathtub restoration market.