Liquid tub liners Liquid tub liners 5 reasons to try it
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For apartments

Liquid Tub Liner bathtub refinishing product works extremely well for rental apartments. 


  • It has extraordinary wear resistance.
  • It withstands dripping water from incompletely closed or leaking faucets.
  • Bathmats with suction cups can be used on Liquid Tub Liner with no problem.
  • Our product’s coating thickness is 1,5 mm on the bottom and 05,-0,8 mm on the side of the bathtub. It is at least 10 times thicker than any spray coating.
  • Our product is odourless, and application is dustless.
  • Application is extremely easy and doesn’t need any expensive tools or instruments.
  • Liquid Tub Liner coating easy lasts 5 years in apartments. After that, sanding and polishing can be used to make a bath look brand new again.
  • Anyone can master Liquid Tub Liner in just a few days. We have a bunch of free educational videos. Also there are training courses in our facility in Wauconda IL to learn and practice how to work with our product.

Also Liquid Tub Liner is more advantageous financially.

Let look over two possible options.

  1. Bathtub is done by someone (like site maintenance man) with cheap DIY kit for $50.
  2. Bathtub is done by professional bathtub refinishing company.

DIY bathtub refinishing kit for $50 lasts 6 months at most. It means bathtub must be done 8 times in four years period of time. 8 DIY bathtub refinishing kits cost $400. 

Also wage of person who does the job must be added to the cost.

It takes 3 hours at least to paint the bathtub. Let’s take the workers hour rate as $15/hour. 

Total wage cost: 3X$15X8=$360

Add it all up, and it comes to $760 to paint just one bathtub for 4 years period of time.

With our product the cost of one tub restoration is $99 for a kit, or even $70 if you buy a 5 gal pail, plus $15/h to the worker.
4 hours of work mean you pay $60 for someone to do the job. $99 + $60 = $159 or $70 +$60 =$130 in four years! $760-$159 =$601 or $760 - $130 = $630. This is how much you can save on one tub in four years if you use our product. It’s is about $150 or $157.5 per year.

Option #2

Average price to restore a tub with professionals is about $250. Tube restored by pros lasts 1-2 years.
To refinish one tub once a year for 4 years period of time comes down to $1000 ($250X4). Once every two years for the same period of time is $500.

With our product you save $341 ($500 -$159) or 370$ (500$ - 130$). Which is 85,25$ or 92,5$ per year on just one bath. Even better, if they paint baths every year, 1000$ - 159$ = 841$, 1000$ - 130$ = 870$, which is 210,25$ or 217,5$ saved per year on one bath!

If you paint a 100, 1000 baths or more every year, you save a lot of money and can really see the difference.