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What is the Liquid Tub Liner ?

Liquid Tub Liner is high viscosity 2 component epoxy based enamel, especially designed for refinishing any fixures designed for washing, like bathtubs, sinks, shower floors and etc. Also it can be used on countertops too.

  • It is applied with a very smooth and glossy layer with no runs or rough spots
  • The application method is so simple that it can be done practically by anyone
  • Doesn't get yellow with years
  • No need for experience or equipment - almost zero start up cost to open your own refinishing business


  • Cast iron, steel and fiberglass tubs
  • Porcelain, steel and stone sinks
  • All kind of countertops

On the video:

Clawfoot tub was refinished with Liquid Tub Liner enamel in the place where smelly and toxic regular spraying method was refused by owner.



No spraying, brushing or rolling

No orange peel or brush marks, no overspray and dust, no masking and taping.

No odor during and after application

No toxic fume. Nearly zero volatile organic content.

Very easy to apply

Gives perfect high gloss finish that cannot be done with spraying, brushing or rolling of any other products available on the market.

Heavy duty coating

Coating thickness is about 1/16’’. It’s minimum 5 TIMES thicker than thickness of sprayed or rolled coat of regular epoxy or polyurethane paint.