Delivery and Return Policy

Delivery Policy
ArmoGlaze offers free 3-5 business days USPS delivery for all orders. For expedited delivery options - FedEx or UPS - an additional charge applies depending on the package's size and weight.
Once an order is shipped, a tracking number is automatically sent to the recipient.

Return Policy
Customers can return an order no later than 30 days after the delivery date. An order can be returned only if Part A and Part B of the product are not mixed. If they are mixed, the order cannot be returned.  ArmoGlaze provides a prepaid label for cases when an order was damaged during the delivery; in this case, ArmoGlaze asks for proof of damage - pictures of the damaged product. If the recipient returns order and the recipient pays a return, ArmoGlaze asks to send a tracking number of the returned shipment to the support team.