Bathtub Sink and Shower Base Refinishing Training

Bathtub Refinishing Training

We use Non Toxic and Odorless Product and Process
Good for Man and Woman. Running bathtub refinishing business. You will get:
  • Very good hourly rate - $100/hour
  • It is no need for a license and mandatory insurance
  • Be your own boss and enjoy incredible flexibility
  • It is “easy to sell” business and it is not a problem to find customers, because compare to spray our product never peels off if the faucet dripped or the tenant uses a bath mat, ZERO SMELL PRODUCT, AND PROCESS
  • It is 100 % recession-proof
  • Sky limited market
  • Almost zero start-up cost
  • It is no need for a license and mandatory insurance

How much does it cost to refinish

Bathtubs, sinks, clawfoot tub?

How long does it take?

Bathroom sink - before
Bathroom sink - after
2 hours
Bathroom sink
Regular bathtub - before
Regular bathtub - after
3 hours
Regular bathtub
Claw fott tub ( inside only) - before
Claw fott tub ( inside only) - after
3 hours
Clawfoot tub ( inside only)
Kitchen sink - before
Kitchen sink - after
1h 30min
Kitchen sink

Start a bathtub refinishing business

For those who want to learn how to start a bathtub reglazing business and how to work with ArmoGlaze products, we offer bathtub refinishing TRAINING CLASSES.

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What does ArmoGlaze look like?

Look like real glass.
No lines, no drips,
No orange peel.
Smooth and nice.

Every time you will do it quality like this, even if you beginer. To reach this quality with spray you must has 3 or more years experiance. Beatiful pouring ArmoGlaze.
Watch our video.

Our training process

2 days class
Small size class (up to 4 people)
Preparation for different types of surface
Pour-on application on bathtubs
Next day practice on real tub/shower
How to find clients residential/ commercial

Reglazing/recasting process

Pour-On Application
No orange peel or brush marks, no overspray, and dust, no masking, and taping
Very easy to apply
Gives a perfect mirror gloss finish that cannot be done with spraying, brushing, or rolling of any other products available on the market
OdorlessProcess & Product
No toxic fume. Nearly zero volatile organic content
Heavy-duty coating
Coating thickness is about 1/16’’. It’s a minimum of 10X times thicker than the thickness of a sprayed or rolled coat of regular epoxy or polyurethane paint

Why is our method better than the spray?

Armoglaze Spray
1. How long is the training
Our method is much easier and faster to learn, you can learn this in one day. Only one coat is needed and your baths will look and feel perfect.
To become a professional sprayer you need at minimum 1-2 years (doing baths every day)
2. Easy of application
When pouring, you always have the same thickness of paint on the walls, bottom which produces and consistent and event mirror finish.
With a spray, you always have a different thickness. If you spray too close - it may produce streaks. If you spray too far from the bath - it may produce a rough surface. Using a spray method, you'll need to apply 2-3 layers which add to your work time.
3. Bath preparation equipment
We use the same equipment and costs about $200 - $300 (drill, scrapers, etc.)
We use the same equipment and costs about $200 - $300 (drill, scrapers, etc.)
4. Coating equipment
Our Method
  • Spreading tools- $1
  • Heat gun- $25
  • Plastic cup - $0.1
compressor and gun - $1000
Ventilation system - $200 and of course all this equipment needs to be cleaned regularly and it breaks down. That's approximately $1200 give or take.
5. Search and training of employees
Very easy to find and train new employees
Very hard to find and train new employees
6. How much space does all the equipment take-up
All the application tools and paint are packed in each box or kit(28x16x12)
For the spray, you need 4 things: the first is a compressor and gun, the second is a ventilation system, the third is paint, thinners, primers, cleaners. The fourth is preparation tools. It can get pretty heavy especially if you have to work on a bath on the 4th floor with no elevator. it's easier to carry one box to your job.
7. Restrictions on the use of the material in residential premises
You can offer services where spray companies cannot, such as nursing homes, care buildings, hotels where windows don't open, etc.
Spray companies cannot offer these services: such as nursing homes, care buildings, hotels where windows don't open, etc.


I'm already earnings!!!

For those who want to learn how to start a bathtub reglazing business and how to work with ArmoGlaze products, we offer TRAINING CLASSES.

December 20, 2021
I'm already earnings!!!

I finished bathtub repair and bathtub reglazing courses with this company. They have really good team of professionals. They are performing good quality courses with all necessary equipment and guidance.

Anton Sukhanov
January 01, 2021

I completed this course a few years ago. It was easy to go through. Michael taught me the job, and helped me set up the business. When I just started working, I didn't have that many customers and Michael forwarded some to me. I like this job, and I recommend Michael's courses.

Alexander Alferov
February 15, 2021
my business has been really successful

They taught me how to refinish bathtubs properly and how to start a bathtub refinishing business. Helps a lot. Whenever I have questions, they help me out every time. So far, my business has been really successful.

February 20, 2021
Thank you for this experience.

I sprayed the baths for a very long time. and decided to change the method to a safer one. Internet searches have helped me find another method of application that is safer than spray. I called the company and asked them if they could train me. the learning process was a little funny at the beginning because when I arrived, we were training on the soap for the first day. and I thought that this is very strange and not how it will not help me. but after practicing on the second day when working with the material, I already understood more how it works. thanks again. and finally, when I have questions about how to work with the material or what is going wrong, I call and ask. Thank you for this experience.

Sergey Romantsev
January 20, 2021


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